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  1. Centrum Trails Plowed

    Do you like riding bikes? Do you like meat and frosty beverages? If you said yes to these things, you're invited to the 3rd annual Centrum Sausagefest on Sunday October 28. There will be meat a'cookin and soda pops to be enjoyed, for those of you who join us in slaying bicycle trails. There will be a whip off on 20fter, a scrub off on Captain Hook as well as manliest hit on Dreadnought. The winners of these jams will be rewarded with BACON. Be there for 11am, we'll shred for a while, fire up the ...

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  2. Peter Silins Early Season Edit

    Upon seeing the Ride Life Gravity Edition contest on Pinkbike we, Peter Silins and Lukas Fleck thought that we had to enter in it. We were planning to film/edit/produce an edit later in the season but thought that this gave a perfect excuse to start one earlier.

    Unfortunately the weekend before we had planned to film, Lukas took a nasty tumble off the step down before National and Salamander intersect. Lukas ...
  3. Support Local Rider in Reality Redesigned Contest

    Hello Privateer,

    Many of you know who I am and what's going on. For those that don't know, my name is Daniel Eagle. I am a local rider, builder, racer, and designer going to Algonquin College.

    I currently have a frame design, the DF-350, entered in the Reality Redesigned contest currently happening on pinkbike. Right now is the Peoples Choice awards, meaning that the design with the most votes left at the end of this week wins. To vote you don't even need to have ...
  4. Late Season Ender

    Good day fine people of PrivateerMTB.

    Like many others out there, this time of year brings new activities to our daily lives. Whether we look forward to them or not during the summer season, we must find something to replace the temporary void that is created when the wheels stop spinning and the snow starts falling. For a lot of people this may come in the form of hockey, snowboarding, skiing, climbing or any other variety of things. Unfortunately, for me and so many others, nothing ...
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  5. Fortune Frosty Fall Ride

    With the inconvenience of school and other commitments I've had to miss many of the end of season events, such as fortune closing day and centrum sausage-fest, which consequently meant a lot less time on my bike. Which we all know is just not acceptable.

    So when the opportunity to get up to fortune for a day of hiking and filming with a friend of mine arose, I had to jump on it. The result is this...

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